How to become a student of the platform?

In order to become a student of our platform, you need to register with DUNNO as a student.
We have no age or interest restrictions. The main thing is the desire to acquire knowledge.

What if I am under 18 years old?

This question is related to the payment. In order to make a payment, you need a valid payment card through which payment for the lesson will be carried out. If not, then payment should be made through a parent or other adult who agrees to provide their details to pay for the lesson.

What lessons are available on the platform?

We are constantly updating the list of lessons and teachers on our platform. A complete list of classes and teachers can be seen in the "lessons" section. We do not put restrictions on gaining knowledge - it can be music, cooking, parenting, languages, exam preparation, programming and anything else you can think of.

What the cost of lessons?

The prices are determined by the teacher, therefore the prices for different teachers can and will differ. The price for the selected lesson can be seen when choosing a teacher.

Can I cancel a lesson?

Yes. But in case of cancellation, we will not refund the money spent for the missed lesson. This is because teachers plan their schedules and take into account the needs of students. A canceled lesson by one student is a missed opportunity to schedule a lesson with another student. Therefore, prepayment before the lesson is a guarantee for the teacher (and motivation for the student to attend the lesson).

What if the teacher canceled the lesson?

We will refund the money spent on the lesson that was canceled. Also, don't forget that the rating system is actively working on our platform, and if the teacher did not come to the lesson without warning the student in advance and the student is not satisfied with the current situation, then you can certainly influence the rating. We "delete" teachers who systematically cancel classes.

How long is one lesson?

The standard lesson length is 1 hour. This is the minimum you can count on. If you want to extend the lesson, then this can be done by selecting the required number of hours in the teacher's schedule.

Can I change the teacher?

Yes! Attending a lesson does not bind you to a teacher you have chosen once. We are in favor of finding the "right" person, so that learning becomes a pleasant experience and brings not only knowledge but also positive emotions. We are all different, which is why it is so important to find exactly the teacher you want to return to again and again.