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As with the purchase of a product or service by any means or in any medium, you are responsible for proper decision and care.

No reference to a third party or third party product or service shall be construed as an endorsement or endorsement by DUNNO of that third party or third party product or service. Also, a link (including, but not limited to, to external websites featured in the Services, as well as any related advertisements) to a third party website does not imply that we endorse or assume any responsibility for the content or use of such website. . DUNNO does not endorse or guarantee any product or service offered by a third party through the online discussion forum or chat room available on this Website and does not in any way participate in or monitor any transaction involving third party products or services. As with the purchase of a product or service by any means or in any medium, you are responsible for proper decision and care.

DUNNO maintains this Website as a service to the community of users who visit the Website in accordance with these Terms. You are responsible for purchasing and paying for all equipment and Internet services required to access our Services. We may change, suspend or discontinue this Website or Services, in whole or in part, at any time and for any reason without notice. Services may also be unavailable from time to time due to maintenance or malfunctions of your computer equipment or for any other reason. We may from time to time provide access to third party services and products or our own products or services. You acknowledge that the Website and all mobile applications are evolving and that the form and nature of the Website or mobile applications, including the Services, are subject to change without notice.

The Services are not an employment service and DUNNO does not act as an employer for any User, unless the User and DUNNO have entered into a written employment contract. Users may use the DUNNO Services only for the purpose of providing advice to other Users or receiving advice from other Users using the Services and in accordance with these Terms.

Thus, DUNNO shall not be liable for any taxes or deductions, including, but not limited to, unemployment insurance, employer liability, employee compensation insurance, social security or payroll tax withheld in connection with the use of the Services or User Services. You agree and agree that in the event that DUNNO is held liable for any tax or withholding tax in connection with your use of the User Services, you will promptly refund and pay DUNNO twice the amount, including any interest or penalties thereon.

In all uses of this Website, Users act as independent contractors and not as employees, agents, franchisees or servants of DUNNO or any other party. Accordingly, you are solely responsible for all costs incurred by you or your organization. You do not consider yourself to be authorized to enter into contracts or make promises on behalf of DUNNO.

The services provide a connection to the Teachers that Students and Parents or Companies want to engage as independent contractors. It is up to each Lecturer, as an independent contractor, to decide when and how often he or she will be available to advise Students (unless no action is taken for 180 consecutive days, which may result in the deletion of the Lecturer's account). It is up to each Instructor to determine the methods, materials, content and all aspects of the Instructor's lessons. packages for a certain number of hours, which can take place during several training sessions (each session is separately a "Teacher's Session", together a "Teacher's Package"). Students are responsible for choosing the Lecturer that suits their needs. Students must consider and research the feedback, education and experience provided by each Lecturer, as well as the feedback from other Parents and / or Students. All training sessions must be under the supervision of a responsible adult. Each Instructor has the right to accept or reject, continue or terminate cooperation with any Student at its own discretion.

As an independent contractor, the Teacher may, at its own expense, employ or engage such employees, subcontractors, partners or agents as the Teacher deems appropriate for the provision of the Services (jointlyAssistants are not and will not be employees of DUNNO, and the Instructor is solely responsible for the activities and conduct of the Assistants, as well as for compliance with all laws applicable to any Assistant.

Teachers may provide services to others or perform other types of work (as an independent contractor, employee or otherwise) for as long as these Terms apply, including to DUNNO's competitors if necessary, provided that such other activities do not require the Tutor to violate these Terms. .

You may not assign or transfer these Terms, in whole or in part, to third parties. These Terms are binding on and in favor of the parties to these Terms and their respective successors in title.

You acknowledge and agree that we may provide you with a mechanism to provide feedback, suggestions and ideas about our Services ("Feedback") and public feedback from Users with whom you have entered into transactions of your choice.

Reviews from DUNNO. By submitting any feedback, you give us your written consent to use your feedback to improve and promote the Services; you agree that the submission of feedback is free, unsolicited and unrestricted and does not impose any financial or other obligation on us and that we are free to use the feedback without any additional consideration to you and / or disclose this feedback in a non-confidential or otherwise manner to any other person.

You agree that we may, in our sole discretion, use the Feedback you provide in any way, including in future improvements and modifications to the Services. You hereby grant to us and our successors, indefinitely, worldwide, fully transferable, sublicensable, irrevocable, free to use, reproduce, modify, create derivative works from, distribute and display the Feedback in any form for any purpose or without any media, software or any technologies that currently exist or will be developed in the future, without obligation to indicate authorship or indemnify you or any third party.

User Feedback. You acknowledge that the results of reviews about you may consist of comments and ratings left by other Users, and that DUNNO may calculate the number of composite reviews based on those individual ratings. Teachers agree that Students evaluate them according to a number of criteria set by DUNNO. DUNNO provides its own feedback and rating system as a means by which Users may express their views publicly and DUNNO does not monitor or censor such views, nor does it investigate User-posted comments to ensure their accuracy or reliability, except when the User draws DUNNO's attention to such a publication. You may be legally liable for damages incurred by other DUNNO Users or third parties as a result of these notes if the court finds these notes to be legally challengeable or defamatory. DUNNO is not legally responsible for any feedback or comments posted or made available on this Website by Users or third parties, even if this information is defamatory or otherwise legally challengeable. You agree to report any violation or abuse of our rating and feedback system by contacting Customer Service immediately.

Unless you indicate otherwise in writing, DUNNO will contact you by e-mail, mail or by posting notices on the Website. You agree to receive communications from us electronically and agree that such electronic communications comply with all legal requirements. You will be deemed to have received the notice when we send it to the e-mail address you have provided to DUNNO on this Website or when we publish such notice on this Website. You must keep your e-mail address up to date on this Website and you should regularly check for postings on this Website. If you do not respond to a DUNNO violation, dispute or complaint within 2 (two) business days, we will have the right to terminate or suspend your use of the Services. All notices addressed to DUNNO which have legal effect in relation to these Terms must be in writing and delivered in person or with proof of delivery to the following e-mail address: ________________________

With the exception of Teachers, we may terminate any User's access to our Website at any time for any reason and at any time with or without notice. It is our policy to exclude any User who violates these Terms if we deem it necessary in our sole discretion.

We may terminate your use of the Services (a) immediately for non-compliance; (b) for other reasons, including, but not limited to, sexual or other unwanted harassment, threats or intimidation, fraud,i falsification of qualifications, or (c) after 30 days' written notice for any reason.

We may delete or deny access to or use of all related information and files. DUNNO shall not be liable to Users or any third party for the modification, suspension or termination of the Service or the loss of related information.

You can delete your account / profile at any time. If you do not use your DUNNO account or profile for more than 180 (one hundred and eighty) days and have not completed any activity (scheduled and approved in the last 180 days) and / or have not received any payment, it will be considered terminated and will be deactivated.

For companies registered in the DUNNO companies system and whose employees (Students) have not used their DUNNO account for more than 180 (one hundred and eighty) days and have not conducted any activities (planned and approved in the last 180 days) and / or have not received any payments.

Notwithstanding the termination or suspension of your right to use the Services, you are still bound by these Terms.

All intellectual property related to the design and layout of this Website, the Software and the materials and information published on its pages are the property of DUNNO or its licensors. You may not copy any part of this Website or otherwise act in connection with any part of the Website. You may not otherwise use or reproduce any of this Website or the material contained on it in any way other than those listed above without the prior written consent of DUNNO.

Unless otherwise stated, all Content contained on this Website is the property of DUNNO and / or its affiliates or licensors and is protected from unauthorized copying and distribution by the copyright laws of the Republic of Latvia, trademark law, international conventions and other intellectual property laws. DUNNO service marks and trademarks, including but not limited to the DUNNO and DUNNO logos, are the property of DUNNO, Inc. owned service marks. Any other trademarks, service marks, logos and / or trade names appearing on the Service are the property of their respective owners. You may not copy or use any of these marks, logos or trade names without the prior written consent of the owner.

DUNNO grants you permission (which may be revoked at any time for any reason or no reason) to use the Website and Software for the Services as set forth in and in accordance with these Terms, and for your personal, non-commercial use only (except as provided in these Terms), provided that you do not delete any of the trademarks, copyrights, or other inscriptions contained on these pages. No other use is allowed. DUNNO reserves all its statutory and general rights against any person or organization that violates this section.

You may not link to any pages of the Website or the content contained therein, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of DUNNO. You may click "like" or follow DUNNO or share links to the Website using the social networking technologies referenced on the Website. Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved.

You agree not to reproduce, modify, rent, lease, transfer, assign, sell, distribute, display, publish, transmit or create derivative works from the Content of any person, in whole or in part, by any means. You may not delete or modify any copyright or trademark notices or other proprietary notices.

Because we respect the rights of content owners, DUNNO's policy is to respond to notices of alleged infringement that comply with copyright law. If you believe any of our Service Materials infringe your copyright, you may request that they be removed. Notify DUNNO. For your complaint to be valid, your request must include the signature (or electronic equivalent) of the copyright owner or authorized representative and include the following information:

An electronic or physical signature signed by a person authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner;
The identification of the copyrighted work you claim to be infringing;
Identification of the allegedly infringing material and its location on the website;
Information that is sufficient for DUNNO to contact you, such as your address, telephone number, and email address;
A statement that you have a good faith belief that use of the material in the manner complained of is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law; and
Notice given in the sentence ofFalse proof that the information provided above is accurate and that you are the copyright owner or authorized to act on the owner's behalf.
Under the laws of the Republic of Latvia, if you knowingly materially misrepresent that material is infringing, you may be subject to criminal liability and civil penalties, including damages, legal fees, and attorney's fees.

In accordance with the Copyright Act and other applicable laws, DUNNO may also, in its sole discretion, restrict access to the Service and / or close accounts of all Users who infringe the intellectual property rights of others, whether or not the infringement is repeated.

Through the Services, you may have direct access to certain confidential information of DUNNO, its affiliates or Users, including, but not limited to, personally identifiable information, technical, contractual, product, program, pricing, marketing and other valuable information that is reasonably required to be kept confidential. ("Confidential Information"). You agree to maintain the confidentiality of the Confidential Information and not to use the Confidential Information except for the purposes set forth in these Terms, and not to disclose such Confidential Information to any third party. All rights, ownership and interests in Confidential Information belong to DUNNO, its affiliates and Users.

You are not bound by any obligation with respect to Confidential Information that you can prove with legally sufficient evidence: (a) you owned the information prior to receiving it from DUNNO without any obligation to maintain its confidentiality; (b) it is or becomes public knowledge without your actions or omissions or otherwise, in violation of the Terms; (c) you received it from a third party who was entitled to disclose it, without an obligation to keep such information confidential; (d) you have developed it independently, without the use of Confidential Information and without the participation of persons to whom it was made available, or (e) in response to a valid order of a court or other public authority or otherwise required by law or with these Terms, and as disclosed after prior notice to DUNNO, which is sufficient to give DUNNO an opportunity to object to the disclosure.

Use of the Services is at your own risk. DUNNO disclaims any responsibility for any interactions, correspondence, transactions and other transactions you have with any third party, including, but not limited to, Students, Parents or Teachers located on or through the Website (including related web sites). sites or advertisements) are solely between you and a third party (including matters relating to the content of third-party advertisements, payments, services, delivery of goods, warranties (including product warranties), privacy and data security, and the like). Under no circumstances will we be liable for any loss or damage caused by your reliance on the information provided in any content on this Website. It is your responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information, views, advice or other content available on this Website.

You acknowledge that the Website and all Services, text, images and other information available on this Website are provided "as is" and are based in part on lists provided by trainers that are not verified by DUNNO, and that any The service, listings or other content provided through the Website is at your own risk and choice. DUNNO and its affiliates and licensors are not responsible for any results obtained through the Website. We make no warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. DUNNO does not warrant that: (i) the information available on this Website will be error free; (ii) the features or services provided on this Website (including, but not limited to, the mechanisms for downloading and uploading Content) will be continuous, secure and error-free; (iii) defects will be rectified; or (iv) this Website or the server (s) making it available are free of viruses or other harmful components. Neither DUNNO nor its affiliates are responsible for the interactions of users online or offline.

Notwithstanding any function that a Student or Parent may use to expedite the selection of a Teacher, each Student or Parent is responsible for selecting and concluding a contract with its Teacher, and DUNNO does not guarantee the services purchased by the Student or Parent and does not recommend any particular teacher. DUNNO makes no warranties with respect to any passportprofessional accreditation, registration or license.

DUNNO expressly disclaims any liability or claims that may arise between its Users of the Service. You are solely responsible for your interactions with other Users and for any disputes arising out of such interactions with other Users. It is not DUNNO's responsibility, but DUNNO may attempt to assist in resolving disputes between Users.

Disclaimer. DUNNO shall not be liable to any User of this Website or to any other natural or legal person for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential or incidental damages (including, but not limited to, loss of profit, data, usage or service costs). due to the use, inability to use, unauthorized use or misuse of the Website or the information contained therein, the possibility of such damage or loss.
Restriction. You agree that DUNNO's total cumulative liability in connection with these Terms, the Website, the Software, the Services, the Content or any list or service, whether arising out of a breach of contract, civil law or otherwise, shall not exceed the amounts, if any. , which you paid to DUNNO as a commission for the Services in the previous three months.
Waiver of group action. Any action brought by you or DUNNO must be brought as an individual action and not as a claimant or a member of a group in any possible group or representative proceedings.
Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion of certain warranties or the limitation or exclusion of liability for incidental or consequential damages. Accordingly, some of the above restrictions may not apply to you.

This Website can be accessed from countries other than Latvia. This Website and the Services may contain products or references to products that are available only in the territory of Latvia. Any such references do not imply that such products will be available outside of Latvia.

If you access and use this Website outside of Latvia, you are responsible for complying with all applicable local laws and regulations.

We make no representations that the information provided on this Website is appropriate or available for use outside of Latvia. Persons who choose to access this Website outside the country of Latvia do so on their own initiative and at their own risk.

By using the Services, you agree to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend DUNNO from and against any claims, damages, damages, liabilities, and all costs and expenses of defense, including, but not limited to, attorneys' fees, arising directly or indirectly from third parties. in connection with your use of the Services, including, but not limited to, (a) acts and / or omissions on or off the Website; (b) infringement of the rights of others, including but not limited to any intellectual property or other rights of any person or entity in connection with the Website; (c) violations of these Terms; (d) disputes with or between other Users; (e) use and / or abuse of the Website, including, but not limited to, the information, content and / or materials contained therein; (f) any violation of any applicable law or regulation; (g) inaccurate, untimely, incomplete or misleading User Information, including but not limited to registration, profile or compliance; (h) false claims and / or false information; (i) from links to third party websites, including, but not limited to, the terms of access to such websites, privacy policies, information, content, materials, advertising, products and / or services; (j) user information and any action or omission relating to such user information; (k) the use of any information in third party reports; (l) the use of third party payment processing services; (m) use of telephone support services; and / or (n) any services or use of the Products or any contract or agreement entered into or provided based on the information, content and / or materials obtained from or through the Website. You also agree to cooperate in defending such claims at the request of DUNNO. DUNNO reserves the right, at its own expense, to assume exclusive defense and control in any matter that would otherwise be subject to indemnification by Users, and you will in no event resolve any claim or issue on behalf of DUNNO without DUNNO's written consent.

In the event of a dispute with any User (s), you hereby release DUNNO fromany claims, claims or losses of any kind (actual or consequential), whether known or unknown, arising out of or in any way connected with such disputes.

Any dispute, disagreement or claim arising out of or in connection with this Agreement, its violation, termination or invalidity shall be settled in the Riga Arbitration Court (Reg. № 40003756873), in accordance with the rules of procedure of one arbitrator .

All decisions of the arbitrator shall be final and binding on both parties and shall be enforceable in any court of competent jurisdiction. However, an application for a court order or an enforcement order can be made to any court.

The Services may not be used to promote any other business, website or service. You may not promote, advertise or in any way contact Users for the purpose of hiring, contracting or engaging in any service for any purpose other than the provision of the Service by DUNNO without the prior written consent of DUNNO.

You may not use the Service to collect Users' usernames and / or email addresses by electronic or other means without the prior written consent of DUNNO.

The headings and titles used in these Terms are for convenience only and should not be taken into account in interpreting or interpreting these Terms.

These Terms, together with any amendments and any additional agreements you may enter into with DUNNO in connection with the Services, constitute the entire agreement between you and DUNNO regarding the Services. If any part of these Terms is found to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable, that part will be deemed severable and will not affect the validity and performance of the remaining provisions.

For more information and if you have any questions about these Terms, please email .